Eid in Dubai


Dubai is more tempting at the time of Eid Al Adha which comes normally in the month of september / October.Tourists find this as the best time to visit the city as they can feast their eyes upon beautiful multi colored lights in the shape of motifs, lighted fire works and many cultural events. Climate of Dubai at this time of year will also be moderate with neither too hot and nor too cold thus adding to the festive charm of the city.

Eid Al Adha is also a great time for travel agents and tour operators of the country since tourists fled in groups to be a part of city’s Eid celebrations.It is a great period to do shopping also since many outlets have put up amazing offers & raffles and coupons with extended mall timings. Big malls retail stores, dining outlets and leisure attractions will welcome visitors with special offers and giveaways. So, if you are planning to visit Dubai , choose Eid Al Adha time as you can see a different face of Dubai and can enjoy your shopping with amazing discounts and prizes. Rasan Tours can offer you amazing Eid tour packages at awesome rates and make your stay in Dubai wonderful.


Bullet points to know before you visit Dubai


Dubai always welcome tourists wholeheartedly and make them feel at their home. But in order to make your stay in this emirate enjoyable and memorable , you need to keep a few things in your mind.

  • Time to visit Dubai : After all Dubai is a desert and it has the climate of a desert. If you are planning to spend a lot of time in Dubai outdoors, like desert dune bashing, roaming around the city, water activities, then summer is definitely not the time to visit.From June to September , the climate is really harsh and daytime temperatures are always around 40 degrees Celsius.The best time to visit is from October to March ,which is the winter period of Dubai.
  • During Ramadan period :  During the Islamic Holy Month, which usually falls between July to September, Muslims fast during day time . In this month, no one including tourists and foreigners are allowed to eat ,drink or smoke in public.During the day, cafes/restaurants will be closed (but supermarkets and restaurants in hotel will be open).No alcohol will be served during the day time.At night, pubs are open serving alcohol but no live music & no dancing.Also, clothing should be more modest at this time of year.During Ramadan, a lot of cultural activities and programmes are hosted after sunset. so,  why not visit Dubai just before or just after Ramadhan? That way, you have a few days of quite, cultural days and a few days of night-life & action!
  • Medicines :  It is advisable to check your medication before coming to Dubai.You can get the list of restricted and controlled medicines in the Government of the UAE, Ministry of Health’s website.For a  trouble free visit to Dubai, if you are carrying any of the listed medicines, carry a doctor’s note or prescription, keep the medicines in original packaging and only take needed  quantity for the duration of your stay in Dubai. For further information visit: www.moh.gov.ae.
  • Dubai Laws : Dubai is a country  which has low crime rates and all the credit goes to its strict laws and policies. Before your visit, please make yourself familiar with Dubai’s laws ,culture and traditions. Dubai is a neat ,clean and modest city, so spitting, throwing wastes ,aggressive behavior and public displays of affection will not be tolerated here. If you are driving in Dubai, please make sure you strictly follow the traffic rules, otherwise you are at a high risk of getting tons and tons of penalty fines.
  • Visa Requirements : You need a visit visa or tourist visa to make a visit to Dubai.You can apply for 30 days,60 days or 90 days visa. Get in touch with Rasan Tours to get more information with your visa requirements.
  • Drinking in Dubai : Liquors can be brought only from licensed bars,liquor shops and hotels in Dubai.Visitors cannot buy liquors from liquor shops in Dubai. Only residence who are holding a liquor license are allowed to buy them. Anyhow,Visitors can go to a bar in a hotel or to a nightclub to get liquor. Drinking in non-licensed areas or being drunk in public are offenses in Dubai.
  • What to wear in Dubai: Being an Islamic country, visitors are supposed to wear respectful clothing all the times.  While swim wears can be used by pool or beach side, modest clothing is more suitable in public places.
  • Car rental : Always go for a car rental service in Dubai as taxi  services are expensive. If you are taking taxis, make sure that you take Government RTA taxis and stick to the meter charges. Rasan Tours can help you in getting car rentals at moderate charges.
  • Shopping in Dubai : Dubai is a great place to stay and shop. There are many shopping malls all around here. But if you are looking for a budget oriented shopping, then visit the Karama shopping street, Satwa high street and the tradition Gold Souk, Textile Souk & Perfume Souk , where you can bargain and acquire your favourite things.


Dubai – Paradise for Tourists


Dubai is full of artificial wonders ! You can never get bored when you are in Dubai. There are a lot of interesting and adventurous things to do in Dubai. Desert Safari, Dhow cruise , yacht cruise , visit to palm  jumeirah and world islands, climbing to the top of world’s tallest building- Burj Khalifa and spending a night in world’s only 7 star hotel – Burj Al Arab are some among them!

If you are new to Dubai and looking for a tour operator to assist you in exploring Dubai, then Rasan Tours is good option.

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